Zinnias, sunflowers, snapdragons and dahlias….decorate your world with flowers. Available mid-July at the earliest!

We have a 5-acre u-cut flower garden that is open from mid- July through September.  There are sometimes just a very flowers available before mid-July.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m having an event on a specific date and want to know what flowers I can cut?

Our flowers gardens are in bloom with many varieties (Dahlias, Zinnias, Sunflowers, etc.)  from late-July through the end of September. Some years, we have a few weeks of cold and rainy weather which might cause the flower gardens bloom a few weeks later. The best way to see what we will have in bloom for your specific event is to come out to the farm a few weeks prior to the event and walk our gardens. Sorry, it’s impossible for us to predict the colors of flowers that will be available. If you are counting on a specific flower color on a particular date, we advise that you work with a professional florist who is able to guarantee availability.  If you are looking for bright, beautiful flowers with a big color variety then our flower gardens will be right for you.

How does it all work? 

We loan you the clippers and buckets.  You then head out to the gardens and cut the flowers you’d like.  Next you bring them into the store or to the flower stand (if it’s open) and we price and wrap the flowers.  Prices range from 50¢ – $1.50 per stem depending on the variety.   Later in the season we offer bucket pricing of $15 – $20 per bucket.  Bucket pricing covers 5 premium flowers (sunflowers, hydrangias or glads) plus other varieties to loosely fill a large, white, 5-gallon bucket.

Can you loan, rent or sell me a bucket to take my flowers home?  Can you let me store my flowers in your cooler overnight?

Sorry, we are unable to sell, loan or rent out our buckets.  We suggest you purchase them from either Home Depot or Carton Services.  We also are not able to store flowers in our cooler.  A cool basement or garage is the perfect environment for cut flowers.

When is the best time to cut flowers and how long will they last?

The best time to cut flowers is early in the morning.  The store opens at 9 a.m., so get here early.  Cut the stems with a slanted cut and place them immediately in water.  If the flowers are kept in water in a cooler environment (out of the direct heat and sunlight) they should last beautifully for 3-5 days or longer.

I want to bring a big group of folks out and have a flower-cutting get-together as part of my wedding weekend.  Is this okay?

Come on out!  We’ve had many brides report that a morning spent cutting flowers on the day before their wedding was a perfect way to relax.  Bring coffee and pastries and spend the morning wandering the farm.  The roosters will be crowing and it can be the most beautiful time of day on the farm.

More questions about the u-cut flower garden??  E-mail farmer Don now.