Haunted Maze

Kruger’s Haunted Maze

TRAILS OF TERROR  – OPENING 9/29/2018 with a 50% off  “training night.”

A dark corn field is scary. A walk through the corn to get to the maze. Even scarier.

Add to it multiple ways to get lost and an air of terrifying sophistication, and you’ve got Kruger’s Haunted Maze.

Make your way through a field of freaks to the Haunted Maze. An eerie mist hovers over more than 3 acres of terrifying trails; surprises loom at every turn. One wrong turn and you could find yourself in the midst of a UFO invasion.  (Kid alert: Not recommended for small, impressionable young children.)

2018 Haunted Maze Admission and Hours:
Every Friday: October 5th through 26th
Every Saturday: September 29th through October 28th

Hours: 7 p.m. (or dark whichever is earliest) – 10 p.m.  

Haunted Maze Admission:
$15 Adults
$10 Children Ages 5 – 12
Tickets sold with timed entry. Not recommended for small children.


Tickets for the Haunted Maze are sold with timed entries to ensure that patrons are able to get through the Haunted Maze in a timely manner. What that means is you select a 15 minute time period and tickets holders are welcome to  hang out in our farm store Hoe Down and listen to the live music; grab a wood-fired pizza, caramel apple or craft beer; or watch a movie until it’s time to go to the haunting. Tickets go on sale at 6 p.m for haunts that night, which start when it’s dark.  The trails can be a little muddy so, wear your boots or pick up a pair of complimentary waterproof shoe covers! Every now and then we cancel the haunt if it’s dumping buckets of rain. We post that here. Ask a question here if you dare!

There are two haunted mazes on Sauvie Island. To find ours, GO STRAIGHT AFTER YOU CROSS THE BRIDGE

Question us here…we know you have one!